Since graduating college in 1971 I imagined myself a fiction writer.  Of course, I hadn’t really written anything of note, or worth saving, but because of all the practicing and imagining I called myself a writer, with qualifications.

Then I turned 40 years of age.  I had spent 20 years living an interesting life while earning a living as a nurse.  At last, I understood how quickly we move through our allotted time.  I began writing in earnest, taking writing classes, attending seminars and workshops and producing short stories, a few of which were published.

Twenty-five years later I have completed two novels (which does not include the ones that did not come together) and several short stories which does include the ones not yet published.

The Sound of Her Own Voice is an adventure book that takes place in the 1849 Gold Rush.  It is self published.  It is available from me at nymanleslie@gmail.com

The completed book is Madison Rhapsody which asks the question ‘what happened to the generation of the 60’s’.  It is still looking for representation.


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